Antiparos island - The ancient Oliaros - well known for its beautiful beaches, the famous stalactite cave and the archaelogical discoveries on Despotiko island. Numerous traditional taverns offer real Greek dishes, fresh sea fish and ouzo drink.
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We will be happy to assist you to organize your arrival in Antiparos. If you let us know your flight details, we can book boat tickets for you from Piraeus to Paros port.
  • Daily, morning and afternoon, from Piraeus and Rafina port, normal or speed-boats, leaves to Paros port. Also, there are daily flights, from Athens to Paros airport.
  • Since early morning to late at night there is a small, car-passengers, ferry boat, which leaves from Punta to Antiparos port, every 20 min.(10 min travel)
  • Small passengers boat leaves from port of Paros to Antiparos port (25 min travel)

  • From Athens airport to Piraeus port:
  • There is a frequent direct bus service from the Athens airport to Piraeus port at a cost of 3 Euro per person.
  • We can book a taxi to drive you from the Athens airport to Piraeus port at a cost of 55 Euros.
  • From Piraeus port to Paros island:
  • You can take the high speed boat from Piraeus port to Paros island, a 3-hour trip, at a cost of 45 Euros per person.
  • You can take the Blue Star ferry boat to Paros island, a 4-hour and 15min. trip, at a cost of 33 Euros per person or 29 Euros per person on the deck.
  • From Paros port to Antiparos port:
  • You can take the bus every hour, the bus station is very close to Paros port, (usually the bus wait for the Blue Star boat or the high speed boat), the bus will drive you to Punta to Antiparos. There is a small ferry boat, 5 min trip, to cross you to Antiparos port. The bus will cost you 1,50 Euros per person.
  • You can take the direct boat from Paros port to Antiparos port, at a cost of 4 Euros per person.
  • We can book a taxi, to wait for you at Paros port to drive you to Punta to Antiparos, at a cost of 15 Euros.
  • The small ferry boat will cost you 1,50 Euros per person.
  • From Santorini airport to Paros port:
  • Every afternoon a boat named Blue Star ferry leaves from Santorini to Paros port. A 3:hour trip, at a cost of 19 Euros per person or 16,50 Euros per person on the deck.
  • In case you have no time to catch the boat to Paros, you have to stay one night in Santorini. You can make reservations at: hotel Ermis Tel. 0030 22860 32120, or Kamari hotel, Tel. 0030 22860 33240, or a cheaper hotel: Amaryllis Tel. 0030 22860 81682, Fax 0030 22860 81847.
  • The taxi from the Santorini airport to the hotel varies from 10-15 Euros, depending on baggage, from the hotel to the port is the same cost. It is very easy to find a taxi, out of the airport.
  • From Mykonos airport to Paros port:Daily, there is one sea jet boat from Mykonos to Paros island, at 09:30 am. A 1,5 hour trip at a cost of 20 Euros per person.

  • THE TOWN OF ANTIPAROS has been built around the Venetian castle.

    Following the traditional road, you will arrive at the square with the big Efkaliptus tree and the traditional coffees-restaurants. There you will enjoy Greece dishes, fresh fish and Octopus.The stalactite cave is 8 km from the main town of Antiparos and 3 km from St. Georgio town.

    The ancient Prepesinthos, where you can see archaeological discoveries.
    The most beautiful place on Antiparos, lies opposite Despotiko island. The village is a traditional Cycladic settlement, in a sheltered cove, with clear blue sea and magical sunsets. It makes a great base for exploring and touring. The excursions and dive school boats leave from here. Also, departing from St. Georgio thjere are boats for Despotiko - where the god Apollo was worshipped in ancient times. Today the island, with its unspoilt beaches, is uninhabited and visits are only possible by boat.
  • SOROS VILLAGE. A sea side village with the beautiful beaches of Soros, Sostis and Faneromeni.
  • Beaches - Antiparos
    • Camping-Theologos
    • Agios Spiridon
    • Psaraliki
    • Panagia
    • Glyfa
    • Apantima
    • Soros
    • Faneromeni
    • Garbis
    • Agios Georgios
    • Vathis Volos
    • Monastiria
    • Levadia
    • Sifneikos Gialos
    • Sostis
    Useful Information
    (Area code 22840)
    Port Authority of Paros: 21240
    Port Authority of Antiparos: 61485
    Post Office: 61223
    Health Centre: 61219
    Drug Store: 61621
    Police: 61202
    Town Hall: 61570

    PANTELIS TAVERN: lacated at the main street, near the square of the village.specializes in fish or meet Meze (lots of small dishes) and traditional Greek cuisine.

    Cafe PAPAGALOS( 61 327) and MARGARITA( 61 491) in the main pedestrian sreet.A great place for coffee, refreshments, breakfast/brunch, salads, light pasta dishes, special main dishes at PAPAGALOS.

    TO IKOGENIAKO special souvlaki (traditional food).

    TAVERNA PAVLOS PLACE ( 61 425), just off main street, Family run tavern with high quality Greek cooking.

    TAVERNA GIORGIS( 61 362), on the main street with tables in the street.Family tavern, high quality Greek cooking.

    TAVERNA KLIMATARIA just off main steet in secluded garden. Family Greek tratitional tavern.

    LOLOS PIZZA( 61 215), Italian pizza, at the begining of the main street.

    SIFNEIKO CAFE, A great place at sifneiko beach, at the north of island with marvelous sunset. For drinks, breakfast/brunch, salads, light pasta dishes,pizza.
    The best tratitional sweets in Antiparos at Stones cafe-bar, home made by Flora.( 61 455)

    At the square: REMEMBER- SMILE( 6973747964) - CICADA(6932714841) - BOO GA LOO - TABOULARASSA - RESQUE.
    At the main street:BARRIO.


    TAVERNA TO PERAMATAKI( 61 211), near the beach.Godd food cooked by Costas.

    TAVERNA SOROS( 61 697), right on the beach.


    It is worth taking a trip to St. Georgios village.There are buses from the port.It takes 15 min and the bus leaves you next to the taverns.From there you can take a boat trip,see information below and have a perfect lunch.

    FISH TAVERN CAPTAIN PIPINOS( 21 823), right on the sea, the best on the island.

    TAVERNA ZOMBOS( 24 527), try fresh meat and cheese from their farm.

    CAFE DOLPHIN( 24 506), right on the sea, next to St.Georgio beach, marvelous view, friendly atmoshere, high quility coffee, refreshments, drinks, snaks, light meals.
    Swimming - Antiparos has the most beautiful beaches in the Cyclades - well-managed or small, quiet, isolated, golden sandy beaches.
    Fishing with fishing gun
    Sea kayaking
    Scuba diving - Lessons and experiences in Antiparos, as well as also in Paros
    Wind surfing and kite surfing at Punta, on Paros, opposite Antiparos
    Cycling - explore the mountains and the whole of Antiparos, by bicycle
    Guided walking tours in Antiparos - to Monastiria, Faneromeni, Despotiko, Stalagmite cave, Diplo islands
    Fishing boat trips
    Agricultural activities: bee-keeping, cheese-making, making wine and spirits - tsipouro is the local liqueur
    YOGA courses
    RENT A BOAT to descover the island.(we can help to rent a boat)
    Despotiko island and the archaeological site
    Stalagmite and stalactite cave
    Folklore museum
    Castle (Kastro) of Antiparos
    Small churches built by the sea - and also on top of a mountains offering amazing panoramic views to the surounding islands.
    Faneromeni Chapel which is located in a magnificent scenery

    St.Marinas festival- 17th July
    St. John festival - 8th May
    St. John Festival - 24th June
    Tsipouro (local liqueur-making) Festival - mid -September

    From St.Georgio village you can enjoy with SARGOS boat a trip to the virgin beaches of Despotiko island and the sea caves.
    From Antiparos port you can enjoy a trip around island by Thiella boat, with ouzo, bbq and dance.
    Also from Antiparos you can visit daily, the islands of Paros, Naxos, Dilos, Mykonos, Koufonisi, Santorini.