Athens is the capital of Greece. It takes its name from the ancient goddess Athena.
Athens is a sunny city with a temperate climate, known for its ancient frugal architecture so different from other European countries, but also with many sightseeing and monuments, first of all at the Acropolis with the Parthenon, the Acropolis Museum, just opposite the Holy Rock, the national archaeological museum and other places of historical interest worth visiting. At bit of fun, the town is full of shopping shops, nightlife which offers entertainment to all until the wee hours with the primary role the old town '' Plaka''. Downtown movements are easy to transport by bus by metro and by taxis, which allow you to visit the whole of Athens,to experience the history, the tastes and the life. A very good suggestion to visit Athens is to get the Happy train just outside the Acropolis museum. With this you will be guided in all the most important sights of Athens, you will see the old and new city, you can stop wherever you want and can take the next Happy train with the same ticket. Athens has connection with the airport and the port of Piraeus by bus, Metro and Taxi.